is a dynamic, 100% Canadian-owned engineering and geosciences company,
providing specialized environmental consulting services.

Since our inception in 1995, we maintain our absolute commitment to quality
and to the investment into exceptional people.

That is the foundation of our success.

Terrapex will be the preferred provider of environmental consulting services, and the preferred employer of environmental practitioners. Terrapex will set the standard to which our competition aspires.


Terrapex Environmental Ltd.'s professional staff have the technical excellence necessary to provide a practical approach to investigate, ascertain and mitigate environmental issues both on time and on budget.

Taking the time to understand our client's concerns and project-specific issues allows for the provision of personal service that addresses the unique requirements of each given project, while delivering results and recommendations with integrity and transparency. Confidentiality is maintained and the bottom line respected during each and every each project we complete.

Our technical services generally fall into one of the following five categories, depending upon the needs of the client:

Health and safety are paramount in every aspect of our work. Terrapex will empower all employees to create and maintain a safe and healthy workplace, and will provide the training and tools necessary to do so.


Terrapex fosters an informal and friendly work environment and culture at all our offices. Management is accessible to all staff, teamwork is valued above self-promotion, training and continuing education are available to all, and employee development is ongoing. Terrapex is continually seeking enthusiastic individuals to join our dynamic and growing Team